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Let It Go…..Let It Go…

Let it go! let it go!.. i have been listening to this song over and over again. My daughter have been singing along with the music after she watched ‘The Frozen’ another wonderful movie by Disney. Once again, Disney created a beautiful movie and this time more on a relationship between sisters. It is easier to teach kids about siblings, that’s why siblings doesn’t get along but they will always love each other. To me, movie like this can gives a child a sense of respect, love and care towards their siblings and other family members.


This is a beautiful song, great movie and new princesses to Disney’s Princesses. I found foam sheets and now i am thinking to get bedsheets with Elsa and Anna printed on it for my daughter.

Here is the song… ‘let it go’ lyrics and i you haven’t watched this movie, just spend your time to watch it with your kids. Enjoy!

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