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    Reflect at the end of 2013


    Only a few days more we will be celebrating a brand new year.  I am sure everybody have their own way on how to celebrate the coming year.   Celebrate with a party, barbeque, karaoke with  friends, make the sound more louder.  Making a loud sound, with music, fire crackers, fireworks..to make it fun and great to remember.

    We then set a goal for the new year.. a new year resolution.  Before you set another resolution, have you ever reflect at what happened within the 12 months before it ended?  Have you ever thought of the lesson during the months in that year?  We are so eager to accept the brand new year, thinking of what you want, what in store for you.  We wish  and hoping for the best year, who doesn’t?  we all want the best of the brand new year.

    k11396581I am sure you have listed you new year resolutions.  Before you step into the new year, pause, refresh your mind and get backward to January, February and March, what happened during that months, anything special or sad? forward to April, May and June, what have you achieved anything during that months? Now July, August and September, did you do something out from your original plan?  October, November and now.. December.. have you achieved your goal or resolutions?  Did you managed to pay off your dept, quit smoking or anything new added in your resolutions?

    IS099W8N6Reflect back to the 12 months, remember what lesson learn from there and what have you share to others.  Be thankful of the wonderful 12 months.  God gave us chance to discover something in life, to learn and to reflect.  Ahead is months, years to celebrate yet we still not sure until when God give us the opportunity to live but yes.. we celebrate whatever we have given and be thankful of chances given.

    May you have a good reflection before this year ended.. and may God gives you more years to celebrate!