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Pieces of Childhood Dreams

Don’t we all wanting to find more things in life? if i take out the words ‘money’, what is that we are searching for?  as we achieved certain goals in our life, we want more and we seems never satisfied with anything.  I for instance, still wondering what i want. There is few pieces missing in my life and it is not completed yet.  It might something simple but i will search for it.


I have past my childhood dream but now looking at my daughter, she reminds me of what i really want.   Looking at her is like looking at myself, the different is she is a brave young girl and i am not.  We both loves arts but i believe she is more creative than me but i never told her that because  nobody is perfect.  There were times i said to her “you can do better than others in your class” she came back and said “mummy, you said i can do better, i don’t like this boy, he do better than me”, from that moment i learn my mistake to never tell your child he or she is better, they will afraid to fail because they thought the best will never fail.

She is always a reflection to me, i told her that dreams will come true if you believe in it.  Imagine what she want to be when she grow up? she said she will have so many jobs,

monday, she said she is a pilot,

tuesday she will be a fashion designer,

wednesday she will be selling earrings and bracelets,

thursday she said she will be a yoga teacher and

friday she will act and dance.

Well i think it sound silly but its a good idea.  I told her its a good idea and i wish i could do like that.  She answer me with a simple smile “your dreams will come true if you believe in it, you can be anything you want, work half day and half day you can take care of us”.   Sometimes i feel like i am talking to my own reflection.


Please don’t be surprised if i post something funny and silly in the future, that will be an effect of this whole scenario of self reflection.  I probably pursue something that i really want while i was a young girl, we only live once and its like putting the puzzle together to make myself satisfied.

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