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Not a Perfect Mother

 Being a mother never being easy but i enjoy every moment of it.    There were times i feel lost and depress when things don’t seems to be right.  But after trial and error, i managed to understand how its done.  I managed to play my responsibility as a strict (okay no too strict), smart (with kids these days), understanding and full of sense humor (you don’t want to be crazy, you need lots of laughter).

My son was so hyperactive, but as he grow, he progress better each day, more calm and easier to manage.  I can’t imagine how i go through with his action, that could be a reason for i being slim always.   Wonderful to hear his progress in his piano lesson and need to learn more instrument  musicians friend.

IMG_0563This is an awesome picture taken when they were younger ..  with this face and action..i never get bored 🙂

My daughter at the other hand are so talkative, she can talk like forever..nonstop.  She can win Guiness Award for nonstop talking… i bet..hahaha.   She reminds me of myself when i was young, i can’t imagine how my parents handle me.  She is so drama queen, lucky that i am more drama queen than her, but this smart girl can read me, my emotions and when i lie to her.

I am  not great mother, far to be perfect.  My daughter said to me “you are the best mother” well that phrase when i did something good i think..  she even call me ‘silly mum’, i think that is a compliment and i also get ‘you are so mean’.  Well, i don’t blame her, i don’t blame my son, sometimes i look at them as our reflection.


If i could i will teach my children everything about life before they even reach that path but at times, my children already taught me few lesson.  I remember a day when me and my husband raise voice at each other, my daughter stood up and said “can you both stop it, don’t try to win.. i wish my hyppo (her soft doll pet) alive so hyppo will understand what i am saying”… i learn my lesson well that day.


Their behaviors the negative and positive sometimes looks like what me and my husband did.  We are indeed their mirror, that is hard, its hard to be kind sometimes, isn’t it?   Relatives and friends’ comments and advice can be helpful but sometimes the only person know about your children is only you.  The only person who understand your children is only you and the only person who wants you, are your children.

Be a good mirror and they will be a good reflection.  Good bless!





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