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    Life is Beautiful

    Do you agree that life is beautiful?  Your answer probably yes if you are now in love or having a good time.  You might not agree because you feel life is difficult and it get tougher each day.


    Did you realized that we release more negative energy every day, instead of compliments we complaints and instead of appreciate we condemn.  We even forgotten to say ‘thank you’ to The Almighty God and only seek for Him at the time of sorrow.

    If you feel in deep worry and sorrow just be reminded that its God’s plan to make it happened for us to learn something good from it and His way for us to remember Him.  No way in the world God let us stranded all alone because God is good all the time.

    Focus on the good things in life even the simplest thing in life.  If you focus on small wonderful thing in life it become larger.


    Life is beautiful! life is beautiful! recite, reclaim and rejoice!