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Please dont call me aunty!

If you are in your late 30s, i am sure you start to worry about so many things.  Grey hair are not welcome but keep on growing, usually it grow inside so its invisible from people’s view now its beginning to ‘show off’.  It looks like a trademark.. if you grey hair are visible sounded like this ..‘hey ya.. this lady is 30s.. you can call her aunty’.   I never like it when a sales person call me ‘aunty’.. try me.

Portrait of angry lady with a bat

 There is one time this boy said “aunty, this one is only rm59 and i can give you discount, i asked him did he just call me aunty and he look at me looking ‘aah ya’ with his confuse face.  He wanted to sale me the item, he should persuade in a good manner, if he call me miss or madam i would probably buy it without any discount (my ego) but since he just call me aunty, i left the place without buying anything.  My husband said, “i think you have to get used of being called aunty”.  He is right but the guy called my hubby ‘bro’ not uncle.

I present myself better for office, appropriate makeup and dressing (that’s how i feel) because i need to communicate with so many people from in and outside the office.  Not because my job requires me to be presentable but it is my principal and responsibility.  But to admit, i don’t really look good during the weekend especially going out doing marketing or enjoying outdoor family time unless attending wedding or events that requires me to look good.  So doing my grocery, i can really be mistaken as an aunty (not that i am not).

While you are reading, i am writing this with a mirror in front of me.  Okay i have to admit it is not wrong for young people to call me aunty, but for sales person, calling anyone especially ladies ‘aunty’ is a no no.  Younger people, say teenagers call me aunty, i will be very happy but those in the 20s and especially if you look like 30s (my ego) the simple manner you can use is sis or kak, if to stranger just call madam.  Ah and my name sound better than aunty!.

Not to blame anyone for calling me aunty, it is just my ego.


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