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Proud Parents

When you having a conversation with your uncle or aunty, and you have to listen how proud they are at their successful children.  Listening at their voice, you know they are smiling and probably looking at the mirror while talking to me.  Few times i said congratulations, you did a great job.  I still hear ..”bla bla..   now they are driving expensive car.. bla bla” .  “Wow!” i continue praising and waiting patiently on when the conversation will end.


Proud parents, they love to talk on how successful their children are, especially if it money or materials concerns.  This story make them proud, well.. who doesn’t?  it shows that they did a great job.   But there is another aunty who seems not happy with her son, ” i have given him good education.. bla bla bla.. but ended up doing his own simple business.. his brothers and sisters are all successful woking with.. this ..that…. bla bla”.  

Some parents helps taking care of their grandchildren while their successful children working hard for the money.  Some glad they are helping while others feels unable to help anymore but they have no choice.   I believe this  make my parents feel proud of us.   They are able to spend time with their grandchildren when they are free and at the same time they can go anywhere they want.

518It is normal for parents to be proud of their children but no matter what car they drive or how big their house is, be proud of them.   Show them how proud you are for them, even they don’t have a car yet.  There are so many things to be proud of not only materials, be proud of them when they show you their sincere love.


Be glad if you hear them say ‘thank you mum and dad’, that is a wonderful word of appreciation.   Love is more expensive than money, not many children able to show their love to their parents in this busy life.

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