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Believe in Your Dreams

Some says dream are impossible but some says just hold to your dreams, it will come true.  What do you think?  I always share my dreams with others and listen to their dreams too.  Dreams are to be shared, understood and one day it can come true.

We have so many dreams, don’t we? and if one of your dreams achieved, you will achieve others too.   Some dreams are achievable but need determination yet some dreams sound impossible but with the right connection,  time and fate.. dreams can still come true.


I just realized i achieved another impossible dream.  Since last year.. i have been looking at a billboard on the way to my office and keep on saying to my daughter.. “girl, one day mummy will study there”.  This year i was given a scholarship which i thought i will never get but the impossible does happened if you believe.  Today is just a beginning of my dream come true, its going to be sacrifices on time, money and many things.  I need to challenge myself and  determination to make this dream come true.

Never underestimate your dream, even if its impossible, if you believe in your dream, hold it.  One day you will achieve your dream.

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