There are times i feel unfairness in some personal issues and the more i look at it, the picture bigger and clearer the picture are.  Why me? i asked in my prayer but i never get any answer.    I struggle with negative emotions,  nothing is good, nothing i fine and i still wonder why.


Everything happened for a reason, and i am still thinking what the reason may be.  I keep on asking questions but never get any answer so i decided to stop asking and questioning.   Life is too short to wonder all the time, life worth enjoying and living.   We don’t need to know what the reason is and why it is happening but what we need to know is how to handle the situation.  I believe in every difficulties there are opportunities.


Why ask? perhaps God gives us the opportunity to understand our strength and weaknesses, allowing us to  improve ourselves.  So if you facing difficulties, don’t ask much but handle your situation with care because that is how we learn to live.

Wishing you all the best :lol: