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What Money Can’t Buy

I want you to imagine yourself as this person. A beautiful lady, you have everything money can buy, You have the beauty others adore but yet you are too proud to even talk to anyone else. You only want to be surrounded with the rich and famous, the good looking people. You feel that other people don’t deserve to talk to you or even get near you.

You have money to buy anything you like, you have properties all over the place, you have income coming every time. You are ‘hip hop all over the top’ nothing brings you down. Party all night long, who cares you have the money. You have wonderful friends who only talks business all day long and how enjoy life is.


Money is an easy stuff.. and you gain respect, you feel all over the top. But one day, God give you something else, you suffered stroke, part of your muscle pull and make your facial look different from before. You look different, you don’t look beautiful anymore, adding to that, you are unable to walk, part of your body are paralyzed. Don’t worry you will still have money but sadly not many rich and famous friends will come near you because they are busy with their business.


So sorry to make you imagine this, but i want to know how would you feel and what would you do if you know you will get stroke. Would you change your attitude and be kinder or this satisfy your life story.  Sadly this is a true story and the lady is now staying on her own without anyone else by herself. God bless her but that is her life story and sadly she have to go through the suffering alone, God gave her second chance, hopefully she have a good ending at the end.

 Moral of the story is simple be good to all human kind and all God’s creation because money can buy everything but money can’t talk, can’t help and can’t give comfort. If you depend too much on money, its sad that money can’t buy you happiness.




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