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    Ready for Adventures..

    I am not an adventurous kind of person but i feel its time for me to try an adventure.  I am thinking of doing activity or sport that is adventurous yet safe for my family.   What suits my ideas? mount climbing will be early for my kids and i don’t think i can climb the mountain yet.   Another one i have in mind is kayak, and there even special design for kayak seats for kids, how awesome is that.

    Watching a discovery channel on Astro today about diving in Sipadan give me an eye opener.  I feel the next trip will be going to Sipadan or at least Manukan first and diving will be the best activity.  When my daughter watch the program on tv, she said.. “can we go there..? i want to dive”.  It was so beautiful under the water as how they captured it, it really makes you want to go there and dive.

    I can already imagine my kids can dive .. like this picture that i have taken from the internet.. this will make me want to go diving with my family.


    Hopefully this picture can motivate us to learn how to dive..  🙂

    If i can’t do this activity for this year, i might set goal for next year.  It will be an activity to look forward to.