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The Love of Arts

I can’t leave any pen or pencil with book or paper in my handbag.  If i does, it will go missing or else i will see drawings on it.  Nowadays i also see their work of art on the wall.  There are kind of cute though.. i saw drawing and written ‘i love you mummy’.. yup i do get angry as the wall get dirty but at the same time, the words cool me down whenever i want to scold her.  How could i scold her, well i believe i would if she wrote… i hate you mum.. probably i will scream :smile:.



Our house are full of arts tools, from crayon, pencil colors, water colors and lots of drawing books.  I even bought them sets of crafts scissors and color papers, all this to make them create wonderful things such as cards and book marks.  I love to see them sit down and do their art activity.  My daughter good with drawing but somehow hates to color, while my son can’t draw well but good in coloring.  They are good teams, one will draw and the other do the coloring.


Their dad creating another art activity with them, so will see how it goes.  I told my children to keep up with their love of arts, who knows one day they will open a gallery and do a wholesale printing.  Nobody can read the future and hard to plan but the best we can do is to support what they love best.

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