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    Not You To Judge

    I was washing the dishes earlier today, while washing my mind set on some issues and decided to write about it.  My mind was like reading a story as my hand continue washing, i can’t wait to write and hoping i still remember how the story goes.  It might not be interesting to others but probably something to think about.


    I was actually thinking about someone, whom me and my friend talk about.       He like to jokes, over jokes sometimes and had hurt others.  He was admitted in the hospital, almost died but yet he lives again.  He change at first but still continue with his stupid jokes and openly condemn other people.  My friend and i believe God given him a second chance but we find it funny why can’t he forgive other people and still condemn others.


    This is what i have in mind earlier.  Who are we to judge him and how do we know he doesn’t forgive other people?  we act as scanner to others.   Even if there is any id scanners for sale but sorry that is not our duty to scan them, not we to judge others.  We probably say he don’t forgive others because he says so but he might already forgiven in his heart.

    Who are we to judge? we don’t have the right even to give opinion about other people, what they think, feel or act.  They have their own reason to express whatever they want.  They want to forgive or not, is entirely up to the person.

    Thank you God for telling this to me while i was washing dishes and let me share this to others… not to judge others because that is not our job.  Our duties is to share peace and love to everybody, share good things not telling them what or how to do things.

    Only God judge people and He even forgive sinners and always listen to prayers.  So if you feel like judging others, remember that is not your job.  🙂