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What Positive Means…

Negativity… are around us.   We can’t avoid this..especially when its right in front of our face.. if we do..we are being denial.   Don’t get scared with this negative around us.. you have two choices, to join the negativity or be the positive one amongst the negatives.

Learn and be stronger than these negative people… this people who love to judge, condemn, put you down, looking only the bad things in others, those who love to compares, full of hatred and jealousy.. only to name a few of their action and attitude.


Why people say ‘be positive”.. because if you being condemn or pull down by this negative comments.. don’t let yourself down..  be positive ..fight back! use the comments as challenge to learn and do better.. that is how we think and act positive.

So, the next time try to talk to you.. don’t ignore.. don’t ask them to stop.. just listen.  If you are strong.. you are able to overcome the negative.

8631302-battery-charge-with-plug-on-white-backgroundThis is how we learn in life..  we recharge by both negative and positive… we can’t be positive without the negativity.  It is how we balance ourselves, too much negative will kill you, too much positive will excites you.

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