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Your Music


What kind of music you like to listen? Do you play any music instruments?  If you could save on  digital piano at any music center then you can take a lesson there.  I just registered my son for a music therapy and so far he is enjoying the lesson.

Music is just wonderful..  you will be easily anchored,  when you listen to a certain music that really meaningful to you even if its 10 years ago.. you will feel all the moments that happened at that time, the place, the feeling ..everything as it was 10 years ago.

If you can’t sleep, you can listen to slow music and you can imagine yourself singing or dancing with it.  Music also helps you reduce stress and give you more stress.. it is all on what type of music you listen.  It is your own music, some people love rock but others can’t, some love country, others can’t stand that music… it is your music, your pick your genre and be happy.

Listen to the right music that can move your heart and heal your soul.


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