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Father’s Day Soon!

Whatever you call your father, daddy, papa, apa.. he is the man with same responsibility.. to take care and love their children and family unconditionally.

fatherdayIt is going to be Father’s Day soon, what a wonderful day to celebrates your daddy’s love  and show him your appreciation.   How do you remember your daddy the most?  To me, i remember my dad as a fun yet strict person at the same time.  I also remember at my teenage time that i become rebel and i hated my daddy, there are things that i don’t understand at that time.  Something like.. why can’t he send me to this class or that class.. why can’t he gives me more money and so many things.  But as i grow older and working, i realize how difficult life is.

Those days i find it difficult to talk to my daddy and now i know that he loves us but he had problems in showing his love to us.   How i now realize that men are all like that.. probably only a few can show their love openly to their children.

My siblings and i are lucky that our daddy don’t smoke, he don’t need don tomas cigars, he never smoke even when he was younger and how coincident my mummy is allergy to smoke.. so i guess they are meant to be together.


Our parents are not here with us, they are doing volunteering service for church.  Unable to celebrate father’s day with him, we can only call him.  Without him here we still have another daddy to celebrate.. my children’s daddy.  Still thinking where and how to celebrate, my girl and i will buy a surprise gift for him.

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