The Parents Creed

Being parents are no easy job, it is not like any other occupational, with bigger responsibilities and duties, job scope getting larger from time to time and continuous learning on how to handle children and parenting.

Good Parenting need team work from a mother and a father, as both  carries the same responsibilities.   Parenting may find it difficult to agree to each other especially when one have different opinion on how to handle a situation, for example, one of the parents want their children to be a violin player so that he/she wants to have violas collections at home but the other one wants their children to learn guitar.

There are a lot to disagree on because they are two different person with different ideas, with good communication eventually they will agree with something that is beneficial to their children and family.  I hope this video will helps us, parents to find a quality of parenting with affirmation that can helps us in raising our children.

“I recognize and honor that being a parent is the most important role I will ever play in life, and that I have the opportunity to be the most influential teacher in the life of my child, so I affirm..”  This is a wonderful video of affirmation by parents.

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