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I saw women and mens briefcases at a shopping mall and I am tempted to buy one for me because it looks so nice with wonderful design.  Well I probably wait till I go to KL for a holiday, they have more design and if I’m lucky I will get more discount.  Ladies briefcases are better than handbags and more convenient. 


I am thinking to buy a new laptop and bring it along with me wherever I go, will be clingy to it.  My next plan is to buy a portable wifi, it will be easier for me to updates my blogs anywhere I go.  My dream will be writing, review and any online job on my own time, space and creativity.   If i have my own time and space i am sure i will write more, more creative and will be paid more.


Drawing my plan now, hopefully my action and determination will help me achieve this simple dream.  I will never stop writing, will learn more and enhance more on my writing skills.  I would love to write a book one day!

Be happy for our talent this makes us appreciate this beautiful life even more.

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