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Happy Brain


There is something about our brain that we don’t understand.  As for us, we are smart enough to be good to ourselves.  What do you think the patients accepting treatment on alcohol rehabilitation at Malibu Horizon thinks?  Are they willingly come to accept treatment to be better or being force by others?  Whatever it is, we shape ourselves and we train our brain to achieve better life.

We have to be good to our brain, making sure it has sufficient oxygen.  I met a lady who is a Certified Yoga Laughter Instructor, she said laughter is good for the heart and brain.  It is funny how she can make people laugh.  Whatever good for the brain, weird, funny or crazy just do it. 


Eat good food, exercise more and enjoy life even more.  You are what you think and your brain will captured what you think and store it somewhere in your memory.  As some says, be careful what you think of, it might come true.  Think positive, be happy and visualize wonderful picture in your mind.

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