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    Happy Brain


    There is something about our brain that we don’t understand.  As for us, we are smart enough to be good to ourselves.  What do you think the patients accepting treatment on alcohol rehabilitation at Malibu Horizon thinks?  Are they willingly come to accept treatment to be better or being force by others?  Whatever it is, we shape ourselves and we train our brain to achieve better life.

    We have to be good to our brain, making sure it has sufficient oxygen.  I met a lady who is a Certified Yoga Laughter Instructor, she said laughter is good for the heart and brain.  It is funny how she can make people laugh.  Whatever good for the brain, weird, funny or crazy just do it. 


    Eat good food, exercise more and enjoy life even more.  You are what you think and your brain will captured what you think and store it somewhere in your memory.  As some says, be careful what you think of, it might come true.  Think positive, be happy and visualize wonderful picture in your mind.

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    Write More!

    I saw women and mens briefcases at a shopping mall and I am tempted to buy one for me because it looks so nice with wonderful design.  Well I probably wait till I go to KL for a holiday, they have more design and if I’m lucky I will get more discount.  Ladies briefcases are better than handbags and more convenient. 


    I am thinking to buy a new laptop and bring it along with me wherever I go, will be clingy to it.  My next plan is to buy a portable wifi, it will be easier for me to updates my blogs anywhere I go.  My dream will be writing, review and any online job on my own time, space and creativity.   If i have my own time and space i am sure i will write more, more creative and will be paid more.


    Drawing my plan now, hopefully my action and determination will help me achieve this simple dream.  I will never stop writing, will learn more and enhance more on my writing skills.  I would love to write a book one day!

    Be happy for our talent this makes us appreciate this beautiful life even more.

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    Your Definition of Success

    This few weeks I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people adding new names to my friend list.   When my friend invited me for a simple gathering of a sharing by a successful freelancer, I was unable to come at first but lucky enough they managed to change venue that held nearby to where I stay.   I wouldn’t miss a chance of any opportunity listening to others’ success.


    How successful are they?  You might be thinking successfully ‘rich’.  Well it depends on how you measure success.   Success is not only of someone attain of wealth, position or honors.  I consider success as a process of learning, failing and not giving up.   Achieving certain goals or dreams is considered a success.


    Back to my freelancer friend Ian, he has been traveling around for two years now and he only do job through online called elance.   He succeeds his dream to travel around the world, learn other languages and tested different types of cuisine.   I am not sure how much he earns though, he travel by bus in every country he goes and probably get motorcycle lift from strangers.  His dream is to travel around the world and he made it, he succeeded!  He have continue project online where he generated his income.  What else he wants now?  He mentioned that he is happy and appreciated what he has but his next goal is to be more spiritual.

    So if we focus on our dreams and set aside about money, we will succeed.  Isn’t life beautiful?