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How to Have Glowing Skin and Healthy Eyes


I love myself and taking care of my body, food intake and appearance is part of my gratitude for myself. What i notice is that i look dull, sleepy and tired most of the time, especially if its after lunch time. I don’t look fresh anymore, well sometimes i started look dull early in the morning. It doesn’t makes sense sometimes and this concern me a lot. My body have enough water supply and i took healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning. What i lack of i guess is exercise, i don’t sweat much and i don’t get enough oxygen throughout my system.

I told myself that i need to find a routine or exercise that can help me get a healthy and glowing skin, then i start doing magic from the tip of our fingers. l start google for ‘how to have glowing face’ and hundreds of list related to glowing face, healthy face, and so on.

I got excited when i saw this in the youtube. I have watched it few times and even tried doing the exercise. It looks easy but it is difficult especially if you hardly exercise like me. This videos are amazing, i don’t need to buy any yoga equipment. Just get a space for yourself, stay focus and start enjoying the exercise.

Sharing with you this video – Yoga for Glowing Skin.

This wonderful video is Yoga for Healthy Eyes.


I really hope you this videos help you because it does to me. Finally a solution to slow down our aging process.

Life is beautiful!

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