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    Lets Learn Swimming

    Swimming is a great exercise for everybody.  Both my husband and I can’t swim but we are thinking to send our children to learn swimming.  What is the purpose?  Well mainly its good for their physical exercise and having had a good exercise, they will have healthy brain.


    Both my children can’t wait to start the swimming lesson, I am excited too.  Let them learn first, me and hubby also eager to learn how to swim.  It would be fair for us as parents to know how to swim or else they will be enjoying swimming and we will only be watching. We aim to learn swimming first then probably diving next.  This will be a great activity for our family.


    Someone gave me catalog of coco reef swimwear 2013, I love the design and imagine myself wearing the swimwear.  Let me start my swimming class first will buy swimwear for myself, oh! I can’t wait!  Learn as many as we can because life is beautiful to stop learning.

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    How to Have Glowing Skin and Healthy Eyes


    I love myself and taking care of my body, food intake and appearance is part of my gratitude for myself. What i notice is that i look dull, sleepy and tired most of the time, especially if its after lunch time. I don’t look fresh anymore, well sometimes i started look dull early in the morning. It doesn’t makes sense sometimes and this concern me a lot. My body have enough water supply and i took healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning. What i lack of i guess is exercise, i don’t sweat much and i don’t get enough oxygen throughout my system.

    I told myself that i need to find a routine or exercise that can help me get a healthy and glowing skin, then i start doing magic from the tip of our fingers. l start google for ‘how to have glowing face’ and hundreds of list related to glowing face, healthy face, and so on.

    I got excited when i saw this in the youtube. I have watched it few times and even tried doing the exercise. It looks easy but it is difficult especially if you hardly exercise like me. This videos are amazing, i don’t need to buy any yoga equipment. Just get a space for yourself, stay focus and start enjoying the exercise.

    Sharing with you this video – Yoga for Glowing Skin.

    This wonderful video is Yoga for Healthy Eyes.


    I really hope you this videos help you because it does to me. Finally a solution to slow down our aging process.

    Life is beautiful!