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Here How to Start Your Day

How we start our day is important, how we feel and think will influence our action for the next hours.  Our thought makes a big chance of having a good or bad mood throughout the day.  Celebrate your day with these tips.

Avoid negative thoughts

Imagine waking up in the morning thinking of the boring stuff you going to do, silly people you going to meet and long list of negatives statement you keep saying to yourself.  What will you get? You will get what you want, and that is the bad, the ugly, all the negative vibes.

Say thank you God!

How do we start our day?  Yes, we wake up! Don’t you think you need to be thankful that you are awake and alive? Yeah!  The first thing you should do is pray.  There are so many ways in giving thanks to God.  You don’t have to kneel down, as long as it come from your heart, God are listening.  You can sing ‘thank you God for today’ while getting out of bed.

Drink a Glass of Water

Make a habit by drinking a glass of  water before you do anything else.   Warm water is good and no ice better.  You can start with one glass of water first, then start adding another glass.  This healthy habit gives you energy you need.  It helps in boosting your metabolism, feel more alert and refreshed.   Drinking water in the morning will not only help your kidney function more effectively, but it can also help relieve the strain on your kidneys by flushing the waste products of your system.

Compliment yourself

Before you give others a compliment, pay one for you first.  Say good morning to yourself, “good morning beautiful and smile to the person (you).  You can even say ‘you look radiant, beautiful and younger everyday’ and mean it.

Positive Affirmation or Self Talk

Read a mantra from your own words.  This mean to train your subconscious mind.  Say positive affirmation or some call it mantra, make your own.  Repeat it like a prayer and believe what you say to yourself.  Here are some example ;

I am feeling healthier each day,

I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

Money is good, i am a magnet to wealth and i will share my wealth to others

You can read books or go check in any motivation website, there are a lots of affirmations you can download.


The most important meal of the day.  Healthy and nutritious breakfast will energize you through out the day.  Its okay to skip lunch or dinner but never skip breakfast!


Believe me if you practice this tips, you will be loving yourself more than before.  I hope this will help you achieve a successful and wonderful day.  May God bless your day and fill it with happiness, joy and peace.

Have a great day ahead.



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