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The Story in the Making

Your life is a story in a making. You directed, acted and edited by you alone. There would be time you plan something in the future but unable to achieve the story you wanted, you could either delete that part of the story or do some editing. Create another story, more interesting and more drama. It’s your story anyway. Your drama will be full of excitement, laughter, tears and lots of surprises.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept when things don’t go according to your plan but that is life, you can’t have everything easily, sometimes you need few plans to achieve that certain goal. Same with directing a movie, sometimes they can’t get a good shot, they have to change scene.

No matter how your story started, rough life, problems or any difficulties, just remember your story need a good ending. They are saying ‘it is not how it start but how it ends’. Be sure to do something good to others, probably you don’t have money to give but you have knowledge to share. You can be a good friend, a good listener or just a kind Samaritan to any strangers.

Remember, people will not remember what you given them but they will always remember how you make them feel, the good or bad memories will always keep playing in their mind. You are the actor, those around you just supporting actors/actresses. Make the best of your action, let others be affected by your kindness, be gentle with your words but be smart in dealing with people, otherwise others will take advantage on your kindness.

As we are human being, we are not saint, sometimes we feel we are good but not how others see it and vice verca. Others too thought they are already being good but that is not what you feel. Life is a series of learning and a journey of understanding.

People are watching your ‘movie’, some will help you go through bad times, some just love to see others struggling. And when you feel happy, not everybody happy with it, jealousy and hatred will make them find ways to make you feel miserable. That is life but how you take it is another thing, it is your life.

Your story will only end when once your life ended, when you are no longer in service to the community, the family and other human being. That is when people get to know your story and that will be the last episode in your life.

How you want people to remember you and your story, is all up to you. Make the best movie ever and enjoy life.


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