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Overcoming Adversity

When we are in difficult time and when we encounter problems, we act negatively most of the time. We naturally seek for something or someone to blame, we called it ‘the unlucky day’ ‘jinx’ or ‘misfortune’.   If you learn to breath and think positive, you will be able to acknowledge your own emotions andContinue Reading “Overcoming Adversity”

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Here How to Start Your Day

How we start our day is important, how we feel and think will influence our action for the next hours.  Our thought makes a big chance of having a good or bad mood throughout the day.  Celebrate your day with these tips. Avoid negative thoughts Imagine waking up in the morning thinking of the boringContinue Reading “Here How to Start Your Day”

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The Story in the Making

Your life is a story in a making. You directed, acted and edited by you alone. There would be time you plan something in the future but unable to achieve the story you wanted, you could either delete that part of the story or do some editing. Create another story, more interesting and more drama.Continue Reading “The Story in the Making”