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    Dealing Autistic – Handle With Care

    I have realized something different in my son behavior but the more I know about it the more I pretend. He is normal and smart, yes indeed he is but letting him struggle without an early intervention has makes me feel the quilt. Not that we did not do anything, it is just that not hard enough.

    My son has been diagnosed by an Occupational Therapist for having Sensory Integration problems with mild autistic behavior. As much as I want to use mild, it is still autism. Wow, the word I am trying to ignore, what next, special needs, learning disability. Nope, I won’t use those in my son’s vocabulary because he can do so many things with less assistance.   Having an autistic son is not perfect but I realize now how he makes me a wiser and stronger mother.   Not only me, my husband is learning and my daughter is so matured in handling his situation.

    I am inspired by other women with autistic child.  One lady, a teacher, she has 8 children, one of her children is autistic yet the child now has grown up and is learning medical.  Another wonderful lady with 5 children, her son is autistic and she still looking sexy, having an autistic child is not an excuse to not look good of feel good.

    Why should I feel guilty, I gave birth, raise and shower him with unconditionally love no more no less with his sister. Those days, when people give us a stare whenever my son misbehaving, I would get stress and at some times I will look at them and say ‘hyper’ but not anymore.

    No more labeling, hyper, sensitive or lazy or whatsoever, the only label I will give him is ‘handle with care’.   He is my wonderful, handsome, smart, intelligent son and one day he will be someone everybody will be proud of, as he have make me proud and happy since the day he was born.

    Picture of my son when he was a little baby

    I am not worry, though i trust in God.  In Him, i believe my son will have the wisdom, courage and strength in his life journey.  We have faith in Him, he have guided and protected my son from so many unwanted incident and He will always hold him, touch his heart because we believe.

    By Edward Hallowell