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    Brand in the making


    I am indeed a good planner, great dreamer but when it comes to action.. I really need someone to kick my butt and start acting. Plan is nothing without action and it might end up down the drain. No! I don’t want that to happen. I want to realize my dream, weather I achieve it or not, will be the next issues as long as I try, I consider it a first step to success.  Beautiza is my blog name and it becoming so personal with my ideas flowing there, wonderful place to express ideas and great stress therapy.

    What now? Well I need to create a brand for myself, my business.  I need to have a logo for my business, a name card and need to print letterhead for business proposal.  I need some ideas of a name of a company which I want to create, something to do with education, creativity, sharing but I want it simple.   Inspiration is what i need now.. to get an idea for a another income source.

    Wish me luck 🙂