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    How to pray?

    How do we pray? do we need special chairs4worship or specific place to do our prayer?  Lucky you, you don’t have to have special place to pray.  You can even choose to kneel down or sit, you can even stand if you feel comfortable with that.   Light the candles if you may or you can just sit in total darkness, it is all your choice..even to pray is a wonderful choice.  But the best time to talk to God is when nobody is around and when nobody is around, it will be easier for you to have the conversation.

    Doesn’t matter how many times we want to pray what important is how we pray.  What we say, how we ask and what we need.   Don’t get angry if you did not win any jackpot because that is the only prayer you ask from God.  As powerful a prayer can be, asking for materials does not count, your prayer might be granted if you ask for wisdom in seeking business opportunity or make you understand how to deal with people in businesses.

    Prayer is not only for asking this and that.. but deeper than that.. prayer is talking to God.. asking for forgiveness .. asking for wisdom.. asking for blessings and asking to be a humble person.  To me prayer is a way we can talk to God in private.

    Learn how to pray, believe in prayer and understand how to listen to Him.

    God Bless all.