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    Change Plan

    How time flies and most plan change accordingly.  Those days when I was single and younger, my mind is set with wonderful plan ahead of me… most of it ‘how to get more money’?  Once I got married and have children on my own, I still get busier and will stress out thinking ‘how to get more money’.

    The more I think about money, the more I have left of it.  The more I want to build my income the busier I am with family.  The more I busy I am with my family, the less I think about getting more money instead my thought more focus on how to have a happy family.  It is not that I stop thinking about getting more money but it become secondary, the priority is about children and family.

    For sure, if I have more money I would probably buy Southport nc real estate and that will be one of my wealth creation.  When we become parents, we become more creative in handling things, our income, our children education and so forth.  To get more money can be a reality if we can think creatively, and worried will not help.

    Don’t worry if your Plan A, doesn’t work, there always other plans you can create as long as you are planning a wonderful plan for the whole family, God will always there to help.  Always good to balance our life, a wonderful future = plan +  visual + act.   Everything will come in order if we believe in our plan, our family and God.