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    10 Tips for Work From Spider-Man

    Starting early this year I started collecting myStarjob.com and got hooked with the content.  It’s a must read for personal development in career wise.  I would love to share this article in myStarjob.com, Saturday 26 January 2013 for the love of sharing.

    I retyped and adding different pictures from the original version just to let you know .. I don’t want to get sued.


    1.       Have a Motto or Mission statement to live by

    “With great powers comes great responsibility”. It is not just a phrase; it is a motto Spider-Man lives by, and his actions are based on this.  Having a motto can guide you through your work place and life and help you stay focused on what you should be doing.

    2.       Laugh in the Face of Danger – Face challenges in life with a little humour

    Like Spider-Man, making jokes in the face of his enemies, having a positive outlook on difficult situations helps to elevate the spirits and alleviate tension and stress.

    3.       Disregard what others think of you; just do what you believe in

    Spider-Man faces criticism every day thanks to J. Jonah Jameson, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he believes is right.  Never let criticism overcome your ability to work and do what you believe is right.

    4.       Use your spider sense – be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly

    Always be mindful of things that happen around you as there are always opportunities and dangers that you can either utilize or avoid.

    5.       Spider-Man believes in the best of people, even his enemy

    In Spider-Man 2, he managed to change Doctor Octopus’ mind to be the man he was before.  There is always some good in people, even the grouchy ones.  If you are able to look past the bad, you may find the colleague has something more to offer.

    6.       Seek help when you need it

    There will be obstacles that can’t be overcome by one person.  When that happens, seek help from other people.  Spider-Man always asked for help when a particular villain was too big for him to handle.

    7.       Multi-Tasking does not necessarily work

    In Spider-Man 2, Peter parker had trouble juggling work studies, his social life and being Spider-Man.  There are times when you have to sacrifice one aspect of your life to ensure the othr parts thrive.  Learn to prioritize.

    8.       Choose who you want to be with.  Get people to support you

    As they say, behind a great man, there is a great woman.  In Peter Parker’s case there are two, Mary Jane and Aunt May.  They are the pillars of strength for him.  Surrounding yourself with people that bring you up rather than those that bring you down is one of the secrets to be as great as Spider-Man.

    9.       There is always a solution to a difficult problem

    Thinking outside the box was one of Spider-Man’s strengths.  When the Green Goblin threatened to kill Mary Jane and a group of kids in the first movie, instead of saving one, Spider-Man found a way to save them all.  When standing against impossible odds, thinking creatively can be the way to overcome them.

    10.   People can change

    Spider-Man shows that people can change.  Peter parker changed from being a nerd in high school, to a confident superhero.  Giving people the right “power” can make them grow.  So give your employees a radioactive bite/project and see where they can take it.


    Wonderful tips, hopefully you will get inspiration and motivation now in your career.  Play the clarinet reeds, get your mood and get that job done.