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Schools and Education

Well after long time leaving school, I am be able to discover who I really am.   Now sending my children to a government school, the familiar environment and most subject in bahasa Malaysia it is easier and ease burden in learning but when I found out about a teacher who scolded my son, I went to see her.  I went to the classroom, I look at the teacher from outside, she was busy yelling at a few students standing next to her.  When she saw me, instead of coming out, she asked me to go in there, so in front of the class, slowly I speak to her, to give time to my son as he is not use to bahasa Malaysia, he have been learning mandarin for few years and he have speech delay so he is a little bit slow, she said “kau lah ajar dia bm” you teach him bm.  I also told her that putting him at the back of the class won’t be good because he can’t really focus… with her irritated voice “mana lah saya tau”, suddenly she ask the student in front of the class “kau pigi belakang, Sean kau pigi depan” .. what the … is this teacher.  She was screaming asking the students to keep quit, “sapa tu jatuh? Nanti patah kaki amacam?” .. slowly all this anchored my all time, those days when I see myself being bullied by teachers.. being emotionally abused by them.  She even said “ini kelas paling nakal bah, saya stress”!  I feel like slapping her face in front of the students.. ya seriously.  I then say out loud looking at the students.. ‘kamu nakal kah?’ tidaklah some of them replied.. well I say I don’t see you nakal, cuba dengar saja apa ni cikgu cakap baru dia tidak marah”   Looks like the students happy somebody siding them, and the teacher look irritated but well that is school.. a place to learn not a place where you label anyone, calling them slow or stupid.

Out of hundreds of teachers whom have taught me those days, I only remember a few, the worse and the best.  As human, I keep those the encouraging words from them and the hurtful one.  Nobody is perfect, yes.. but being a teacher, your role is to teach.

Nobody, not even a teacher should label a child, that is emotional abuse, abuse of power.. as an educated adult, she should know well, as a mother, she should know better.  Calling a child slow learner, screaming at them everyday, would that make a different, a child still doesn’t know to challenge themselves to improve better if being push in such a way.  I believe if she understands her purpose of being an educator or just being a human being, she would not react in such manner.

I too, sometimes lose temper on my children but after that I will shower them with love and security, telling them what was wrong.  We are adults, we have been through childhood, try to take time and understand them, listen to them and let them express what they feel.

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