The Educator

Since my children change school, they are having time adjusting, especially my son.  It seems no because of friends but in the language.  He is having problem understanding the malay because all this time he have been using mandarin.  The environment of the two schools, the previous one and the one he is in now is a big different in terms of subjects, language, discipline and teachers… the toilet are dirty, bathroom vanities mostly spoil…but we try not to think about it too much.

I think my son really having a hard time, now the teacher don’t understand him and this stress me so much to the extend that i have to meet the teacher and tell her my son’s situation.    Sometimes i wonder how and why can’t this teacher be proactive in handling this simple issues.

Being an educator in general, whether you are teacher, coach, supervisor or even as parents .. as an educator you need to have to willingness to share your knowledge in by means.  If the person you want to teach are slow, don’t get pissed off easily take it as a challenge.    You can easily make them understand if you make time to understand their way of learning.  If you talk in a harsh way and fierce, do you think anyone would want to learn? no! they will be terrified and wish you are dead as soon as possible.  You will only stress them and make them stop learning.

Parents are educator, but mothers a great educator.. i learn lots of thing from my mother.  Wisdom she have given me and how she taught what life is the best tools of survival.  My mother use to say, i don’t have a degree, no high education but what i have been through will helps you along your way.. and i keep that in my heart forever.. that how good she is as my educator and to my other siblings… we survive!



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