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The Loves of Reading

Since the school reopen in early January, i have been busy wrapping their text books and when i have decided to change their school, i did the same thing again.. wrapping the text books.  Now i need a day or two to cleared their books.. so that they won’t get confused.  Since my daughter need to sleep in her own room, she need to have her own cabinet for her books, story books and toys.  I have been using sheet label on their books rack and will need to do lots of labeling.

We love books, mine mostly personal development, my children loves story books and activity books which help them in their creativity.  I love to see when they pick any books and start reading it without me asking them to do it, that small thing satisfied me a lot.  It is a small steps to a bigger journey of ‘love reading and learning‘.

Books are the greatest and fastest way to gain knowledge and information.  As long as a child loves to read, it will become a habit and this habit become their character.  Some people say, reading are wasting time, i don’t see it that way.. i say those who are talking nonsense, playing games and on the net most of the time..are wasting time.

Reading are like other wonderful hobbies, the more you read, the more wiser you become but of course what you read are important too, please don’t read gossip magazine.. that kind of book or information will make you more judgmental and don’t gain anything.  Read books about successful people, learn the journey of their lives and how the succeed.

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