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The Happy Car

If ever my car can speaks.. it would probably scream and shout.. ‘Yeah I feel great!’.  Sadly I feel my car have been neglected, even though we drive the car every day, the only thing we did was put petrol, service the car when it needed, change battery.. wash it… all the usual and basic thing to take care of a car.  But we never give the car any extra accessories.. which I saw in the kuat racks website, something extraordinary to make a car look wow.

We had a car accident few months ago and that was the first time we have no choice but to send the car to a workshop, the car was in a terrible shape..but I guess the car glad it can rest for a while.  We were so happy to see the car back to normal once it was out from the workshop after almost a month without it.. we learn to appreciate the car.

So as our gratitude to our nice and loyal car.. we give it a new tires, new look with few additional accessories.. and more to come.  I believe when we take good care of something..even a car, it will make the car happy to be in service.

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