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    New School

    I have transferred my children from a private mandarin school to a normal government school.. why? Because my children doesn’t want to learn mandarin anymore, can’t blame them.. it is so stressful to see them doing their homework, I can imagine how they go through the learning everyday in the class.  As much as I want them to continue in that school, I can’t force them either.

    They seems so happy in the new school but everything so different, cannot compare because everything is so different, from the environment, the subjects, the syllabus, discipline …everything.. even the uniforms.  The first time we go to the new school, most children look at my son like he was an alien.. no wonder because my son was wearing short pants while over there all boys wearing long pants.  The sports attire in the previous school was tshirt and short pants while in the new school they need to wear tracksuits.  Tell me about fashion, why can’t they just wear tailored sportsman breeches, look nicer don’t you think?

    Well whatever it is, as long as my children can adapt and happy with the new school environment, I and my husband support whatever they decision in what they want to learn.  As long as they love to learn, we are fine with it.  I just hope they can settle in calmly and make new good friends.

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    The Happy Car

    If ever my car can speaks.. it would probably scream and shout.. ‘Yeah I feel great!’.  Sadly I feel my car have been neglected, even though we drive the car every day, the only thing we did was put petrol, service the car when it needed, change battery.. wash it… all the usual and basic thing to take care of a car.  But we never give the car any extra accessories.. which I saw in the kuat racks website, something extraordinary to make a car look wow.

    We had a car accident few months ago and that was the first time we have no choice but to send the car to a workshop, the car was in a terrible shape..but I guess the car glad it can rest for a while.  We were so happy to see the car back to normal once it was out from the workshop after almost a month without it.. we learn to appreciate the car.

    So as our gratitude to our nice and loyal car.. we give it a new tires, new look with few additional accessories.. and more to come.  I believe when we take good care of something..even a car, it will make the car happy to be in service.

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    Video Games VS Outdoor Activities

    I have been trying to make my children play less computer games and more outdoor activities.  Given them time to play the computer games while I do the housework are not worth it at all.  First they want to play the computer games.. fine.. I want them to stick to the one I recommended the educational games.. or at least playhouse disney or DXD but instead they find other games online.. which I feel a bit violence on how they created it.  The second issues are that when I have given the limited time, they need an extra time.

    After playing the computer games, especially my visual son, he will become super excited and if not given chance to play, he will be agitated.  And that makes me, not only to make him play less computer games but even to ‘stop’ it right away.

    I do not want to see my son acting like that..  I want him to be able to control of himself and in order to do that, he need to do some outdoor activities.  I will learn to create the busy schedule that we have and make time for outdoor games and fun, even riding a bicycle will help him on balance coordination.  Need to get the helmets for them and let them run free in the park.

    Outdoor activities or any other fun activities are more worth it rather than sitting down and playing computer games.  Playing computer games makes a child more negative emotions such as anger, upset and frustrated if they lose ..that is why they need more time.. to win.  I want my children and other children to be kids again.  Let them enjoy the freedom to run freely, learn to fall and rise again, feel the pain of learning and never give up.