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    Choose to Read or Listen


    I love reading… not only i look cool … haha.. but i gained more knowledge and push my motivation above the limit.  What makes me more informative is because i share what i read to others… the more i share i more i gained… well that’s how we auditory people learn best.  But i need a book.. i need to hold the book.. keep it in my handbag.. and take it out when i have free time.  I can’t read by looking at the laptop.. so an E-book is not for me..  I have lots of collections of E-book.. but when i find that it is necessary.. i will print it out.. easier for me to hold and touch what i read.

    What interesting now is there are audiobook.. i just got an email promoting an atlas shrugged audiobook free and other collections of wonderful audiobook.  Wow!.. don’t you think its easy.. you can do your work..while listening to your favorite book.. or how about.. doing your cooking while listening to a cookbook audiobook.

    How wonderful this modern technology… life get easier in learning.  If you want the content of a book you want.. you have option either to read or to listen… your choice.

    Happy reading/listening 🙂