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Bad Hair Day

I was thinking its new year.. why don’t i give myself a treat.. . starting with a new look.    Its not my early intention,  i wanted to have a face facial but my little girl was nice enough to give me a face massage using a vaseline cream, not only she put on my face, she also put on my hair.. so its all sticky and oily.. i have no choice but to go to salon and get it washed.  While having it washed.. and looking at the magazine it urged me to cut my hair shorter and dye with nice color.. well just to get a new look and to cover my grey hair.

The hairstylist suggest a highlight.. well.. i though she know better.. i asked about the color i don’t want it to be to striking.. well she said.. this will suits you.. okay.. she cut my hair.. put the color on my hair.. and the part i hated most is waiting.. i hate it.. i feel my time so wasted siting down there.. and my daughter keep on calling my hp .. “where are you mummy?” .. “how long mummy?”…

The best part is when the hairstylist uncovered the dye cover one by one .. to my surprise.. without using my glasses i can see a few strike of yellow color in my hair.. i almost scream..  “apa tu kuning juga?” ( I asked her why its yellow color)  She said .. ‘cantik mah..memang begini’.. Oh its pissed me ..  It was sunday.. she said can’t changed the color right away need to wait for a few days.  Imagine how i want to go to work with that hair.. i know its style..but working in an office..i feel its not appropriate.. and its so not me.

I cant sleep at night..  i wanted to take leave.. its so embarrassing.. if i am not working in the office.. i would just go confidently .. or if can cover with any  Bailey of Hollywood Fedora Hats .. i would.. but its also so obvious.  I have no choice but to go to work trying to look cool but uncomfortable.. I can see the look at those who look at me.. its like a question marks.. instead of a compliment.. its a ‘why’.. LOL.  Oh ya.. when i show my sister my pic with that stupid silly hair.. she said i look like ‘skunk’… LOL.   Well i managed to walk with the wrong hair do and survived  three bad hair days, i bought a dye and dyed my hair on my own.

The forth days.. i go to work very confident with my hazelnut color hair.  I learn my lesson well.. if you want to make a hair do.. do it on Friday evening.. or Saturday morning.. in case of a bad hair do.. you can still do some changes 🙂

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