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A Chat With A Friend

I met a friend whom i haven’t seen for such long time, we had a chat.. a long time chat.. even longer if i had more time.  As usual the story of those days came to life.  Seriously we both sharing how meaningful life is when you have gone through series of emptiness, pain and being invisible.  And how you carry your life leaving behind your teenage life or childhood life searching for something.. or looking.. asking for something you want to know the answer and never got it.  Asking why my daddy don’t bother to hug me when i came back from school.. playing guitar instead of appreciating a little child looking at him.. and only bother if he need to change the guitar strings. When we grow up we tend to think of the best memories and the not so good one.. the one with questions mark.. but depending on how you think and act makes a difference. I read two books and it have a similar story .. let me share it to you.. well there was a man who are an alcoholic … he have two sons… one son is serious alcoholic..  asked why he choose his life like that.. he says “well.. look at my father”.. while the other son is a successful businessman… asked how he became successful.. he answered “look at my father”… both from the same alcoholic father.. but how they choose their life makes a big different. Listening from others makes me gain something..  an experience that no one had..  nobody had a same experience in life..  when i heard her story makes me realized everybody have our own ‘dark moment’ but how we overcome it really matters.. either you let yourself stay in the dark or go to the light.. and shine others.   What i learn from her today is .. “once you let yourself free from your past.. you find inner peace and happiness”.   Thank you Matahari 🙂


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