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School Pick Up Time

Only few days school started, my son doesn’t want to follow school bus.. so for these few days while making him use to a new  school bus .. not the same school bus he used to follow previously.  I try to convince him this school bus is different.. more comfortable .. while doing that.. i need to sacrifice my time to pick them up from school, i don’t mind if its the same time with her sister.. but for three days.. i have to come pick up my daughter at 12.30 noon,  send food to my son before his tuition in school.

School pick up has never been easy for me, waiting under the hot sun, the terrible jam, there were times i control myself so that i won’t faint..  i can’t stand being under the hot sun too long.. the noise.. the people.. i just remain calm.  But its still consider ok with the hot sun, the rain, thunder, storm and wind scared me a lot.. and if that happened.. i have my waterproof coats ready for myself and my children.

It is so stressful thinking about going to school to pick them up.. and go back to the office.. with less energy left.  I feel the stress to the students too.. in school have to face the teachers, subjects.. friends.. and back ..have to wait for their transportation.. and they too have to be under the hot sun.

I know all this are temporary.. but i appreciate this moment.. because this time will never come back again.. it will be a memory in the future .. when they all grown up and have life on their own.  So for now.. i just have to do what i have to do.. my duty and responsibility as a parents.

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