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    The Rich and The Poor

    What you have in mind when we talk about The Rich People? You probably be thinking about those who have everything they want and earn lots of money, while the poor, you will have imagine about those who were homeless, no food to eat, those who have nothing.

    You might be right.. but i am not talking about materialistic here… not only about money.. but more about faith. So which are you?.. the rich or poor?


    I was poor.. very very poor.. and i was even ill. I am not rich yet though.. and i believe i am healthy even though i get sick once in a while..but i was no more ill. I am not saying i am poor because i don’t have money, i am poor of faith.. and i was ill because of grudge and full of hatred. I am unable to forgive and slowly this become my burden. There were even time i blame God for everything and there were no satisfaction in everything i do. Looking back, i pity myself very much, low self confidence and no sense of direction… how pathetic.

    Thanks God, i able to understand why we were given such test.. if you believe in Him and have faith in Him, you don’t have to worry.. it is just part of His way to make us understand how is it to be poor, when you don’t have nothing to hold, nobody to talk to and no place to go. When you thought, He was not there for you but actually He was holding you… carrying you like a little baby.. He weeps your tears and comfort you.. oh i am sorry if you did not realized that.. if you did not feel Him.

    Everyday we still lives.. God gives us chance to learn, to forgive, to repent and learn to be rich! Wealthy from within.. wealthy of love, peace, knowledge and faith.


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    School Pick Up Time

    Only few days school started, my son doesn’t want to follow school bus.. so for these few days while making him use to a new  school bus .. not the same school bus he used to follow previously.  I try to convince him this school bus is different.. more comfortable .. while doing that.. i need to sacrifice my time to pick them up from school, i don’t mind if its the same time with her sister.. but for three days.. i have to come pick up my daughter at 12.30 noon,  send food to my son before his tuition in school.

    School pick up has never been easy for me, waiting under the hot sun, the terrible jam, there were times i control myself so that i won’t faint..  i can’t stand being under the hot sun too long.. the noise.. the people.. i just remain calm.  But its still consider ok with the hot sun, the rain, thunder, storm and wind scared me a lot.. and if that happened.. i have my waterproof coats ready for myself and my children.

    It is so stressful thinking about going to school to pick them up.. and go back to the office.. with less energy left.  I feel the stress to the students too.. in school have to face the teachers, subjects.. friends.. and back ..have to wait for their transportation.. and they too have to be under the hot sun.

    I know all this are temporary.. but i appreciate this moment.. because this time will never come back again.. it will be a memory in the future .. when they all grown up and have life on their own.  So for now.. i just have to do what i have to do.. my duty and responsibility as a parents.