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The Place We Love.. Kitchen

I wasn’t a great cook.. but not a bad one either.. .. I love cooking when when i have more time and when i have everything ready as in my recipe.  But if i have my mum around.. i can’t cook.. because i can resist to have her cook.. i love her cooking!

Probably i would be a better chef at home.. and won’t leave my kitchen.. if i have a kitchen like this….


My goodness.. i love this design.. the color..and everything.. so nice.. I would want to have assembled kitchen cabinets to put in my kitchen like that.
You don’t have to search for me anywhere else..i will be in the kitchen.. if i don’t cook..i probably read book or anything.. but i will be in the kitchen.  With the kitchen like this, not only me in the kitchen.. because whenever we have gathering ..the first place we, ladies..  meet up and chit chat.. is always in the kitchen.. while talking.. we eat!

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