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Forgiveness and Love is the Best Gifts For Christmas

    Christmas is just around the corner.. its time to celebrate and to remember the birth of our Savior.   How would you celebrate your Christmas, how would you accept Jesus in your life?  So many questions and so many things to do for Christmas .. as for children.. what they love about the celebration is..its a holiday.. and lots of presents.

    I had asked my children, nephews and niece to write the list of present they want for Christmas ..well they write a long list.. and quite expensive too..  the boys requested for iPad, Laptop, PS2.. while the girls listed.. Barbie Dolls, toys..and iPad.  Wow.. if i buy all these i can’t afford to pay any bills, buy groceries and no Christmas open house.

    What would i buy for them.. i would probably buy something that they can use for school.. that would disappoint them… but i am sure they will learn to appreciate what they will get.  Oh ya..and i need to buy dovo straight razor at smallflower..  i need to do earrings and bracelets as Christmas presents for my relatives and friends…the simplest gift i love doing.

    I think its okay if you can’t give your relatives or friends any particular gifts.. but you could give them something more special than any expensive gifts.. its call forgiveness and love.  If you have grudge towards someone.. just let it out to God.. ask God to help you forgive the person and ask for forgiveness from that person.  It is also time to share your love, be helpful to others.. make others feel good for your companion and for your assistance.  Forgiving and Love is a wonderful gift for Christmas.

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