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The Bravest Princess Of All

I was watching ‘Brave’ with my 6 year old daughter, i love the story line, the animation, everything about the movies is wonderful.. and they are Scottish .. i love the accent.

Disney Pixar created beautiful, sweet, smart, brave Princesses along the way.. but Princess Merida are the bravest Princess of all, she has a strong heart.. high spirit.. adventurous and a little naughty for a girl :).

What i love most about this story is the relationship between the mother and daughter, Queen Elinor and Princess Merida.  The scene where both ladies had a disagreement which leads Merida to be tricked by a Witch who then turn her mother into a Bear instead of changing her on how Merida wants it to be.

I really feel touch when Merida brings her Mother who was a Bear at the time into the jungle to search for the Witch.. to find out the Witch was not there but leaves Merida a riddle,  mentioning that she must “Fate be changed, look inside, mend the bond torn by pride.” The two begin to reconcile their relationship .  They encounter the wisps again, the two follow them to ancient ruins and encounter Mor’du, who they discover was once the prince in Elinor’s legend who received the same spell from the witch. Merida theorizes that she can reverse the spell by repairing her family tapestry.

At the end, brave Princess Merida had undo the curse by the Witch by repairing the family tapestry and it was not an easy job because her father, the King didn’t believe the Bear was actually his wife, the Queen.  Did i mentioned you she has cute, naughty triplets brothers?

What i learn from this wonderful movie is learning to ‘listen’.  I myself act like the queen, i want every members of my family to do what i want them to do, i usually used the words ‘listen’..yes all the time..but the fact is i don’t really listening to them.  Its like looking at me and my daughter, when the Queen said to Merida “listen to me because i am your mother”!.. wow! that is so like me.

Pretty amusing now, when i had a disagreement with my daughter i will say.. ‘oh, please don’t turn me into a Bear’.. haha.. and i would use the Scottish English accent.  Even though i am a Mother, i can’t always  be right..can’t I? i will start to listen more and talk less from now on.

Thank you Disney Pixar for creating a wonderful movie, there always a lesson from your story, oh and i remember another lesson the Queen told Merida when Merida don’t believe about a story that happened long ago and become legends, Queen said “legends are lessons and they ring the truths”… ya that is so true.. legends or whatever happened in the past.. it always a lesson to learn from.. i agree with that so much.

Everything about this movie is wonderful, you just have to watch to understand what the message are all about.

Have a great day..and don’t forget to ‘listen’ 🙂


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