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    Thinking Game

    I feel like running.. running in an open field, let my body sweat.. wearing spira del sol running shoe.  I want to run just to escape from thinking for a while.. i won’t walk because it makes me think more.. ya i just run.. so let my imagination run wilds or pause for a while ..i don’t mind.  Why did my fingers type what was on my mind.. am i losing my mind or my mind are really occupied with so many things?  Probably its end of the year.. so many things to think about for next year, who’s going to take care of my children after school, how will my daughter cope in primary one?.. there i go again.. thinking.

    Let just say i don’t think? would that be normal? that would be impossible.. what we can do with our mind.. we can program our mind not to worry too much and learn to satisfy with what we have now, we won’t put so many worries in our mind.  We can also read lots of books and do puzzle that can challenge our mind..  life is a game..make our thinking.. a thinking game and be creative.  Life can be fun if we set our mind on the game, we can’t always win but we will always learn not to lose.

    I would be worry with so many things now because my children are still small and need more of my time, of course they will always need me in the future but probably in a different way.  Let me just think how to put my worries at ease for a time being and appreciate my job.

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    The Value of Memories


    “Money isn’t everything” we hear that lots of time.. but money can buy something.. aaah..wait.. lots of things actually.. to me money is everything but how we control money and how we spend is one thing.  I will never say i don’t need money..because i do.. living in this world everything with  with price tag. ..even i would upgrade learning music with Gibson Custom Les Paul Standard and be proud of it.

    Don’t we all need money? yes ..we do..but don’t get obsessed on getting more more and more money until you don’t have enough time for yourself and your family.   You would probably say.. i need money for my family.. nobody stopping you..but learn to balance your life.  I remember i watched a documentary about a man who suddenly become ill because of cancer.. he said he work hard so that he can get more money for the family.. but when he became very ill he regret for being busy looking for money and spending less time with his family.

    If you have extra money.. it is good to invest or save..yes..but also spend the money with your family.. spend time with them.. have a nice vacation..not necessarily expensive but enough to have a wonderful memories to everyone.  We will never know when our ‘times up’ living in this beautiful world.. create a wonderful memories, at the end of the day.. our children will cherish how we share our memories with them not how much money we spend for them.