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Accepting My Negative Emotions




I will not deny my feeling right now.. i am full with negative emotions, after the accident my feeling of shock, frustrations, angry and a little bit of wanting to revenge.. well a lot actually.  Its not fair.. when i feel we are careful enough but somebody stupid knock our car and just freely and happily driving as usual.. and we have to take out more money, wasted time and energy calling the insurance, making sure our car repaired in the workshop as soon as possible.  And at time i needed help, i feel cheated.. that is so hurtful especially not a license rent car owner, no heart of a woman or a mother when she said can give discount if she could take the car at certain time even though she know i was in the middle of my daughter’s concert.. that is so imaginable.  I have no worries of spilling this here, she won’t read this anyway.. and i did not mention any names.

God is testing me.. yes.. and i accepted that.. but it take times for my heart to forgive and my mind will not forget this.. for this is a lesson to learn.  Never trust anyone even she sound like a wonderful mother.. or pretty.. but always follow your guts and her attitude show it all.

What should i do?  sing at a karaoke.. the best i do is just let myself accept this negative emotions and learn to deal with it.  At the moment i am still angry.. and having migrain .. so help me God.

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