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Have Faith in HIM

Whenever i read the newspaper there are always story about accident that part of story i don’t like to read too much but one time my husband reminded ourselves to be careful because there are lots of accidents happening nowadays.. so i take note.  My husband’s voice keep on playing in my mind it rewind so many times,  i become very careful when i am driving.. i realize it beginning to grow into my subconscious mind and i am trying hard to say ‘no’ every time i hear my husband’s voice in my head.. sooner or later the word ‘accident’ are clearer each day.

Last Wednesday morning while on the way to send our children to school, i was sitting at the back with my son, while my daughter at the front seat.  We were in silence that time and it was at the traffic light suddenly all of the sudden, i heard a loud ‘bang’, at that time i saw my husband looking at the mirror.. next we heard another ‘bang’ sound at that time i saw my husband pressing the brake, then another bang sound.. i don’t actually know what happened until my husband went out from the car, a man from another car shout to the man behind us “Oi Bodoh!” cursing angrily to him.. and my daughter cried.  The man was driving a Hilux hit our car from behind, the impact was so hard it moves our car until it hit another two cars in front, it was four car involved at a time.

What a day!  This creates so much troublesome to us and it makes me and husband so angry, but it was me who can’t really accept whats happening.. it becomes a problem that needs solution.. we need a car! to get a car we need extra money to pay in advance… realizing ‘Year of Faith’ has started in our church.. i asked myself.. this probably a gift of test God giving us.  Do i have faith in my husband, faith in myself.. faith in God?

It reflect to me on what my sister Doreen have said, that she visited her friend who are having cancer and the person feel so down he doesn’t want to do anything but feeling sad.. Doreen told him.. he should appreciate that he aware that he is having cancer rather than those had accident and die on the spot.. at least knowing he having  a sickness he have time to spend with family and repent to God.  Our car are in bad shape but all of us a in good shape.

Thank you God, i believe in You, my hopes are in You, and i have faith in You.

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