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Sing instead of Scream

I love singing but i don’t really have time to go to karaoke nowadays but i still sing.   If given sound choice karaoke i can sing without the microphone because i have a loud voice.  There were times i was so angry with my children, i wanted to scream but i sing instead…its  quite funny when i think about it but it really makes them stop.

Singing is the best way for me to tell my children what to do.. hahaha.. i” remember a time when my daughter replied singing a tune “no mummy i don’t want to do it” and i sang back to her again why she have to do it.. after all the singing we start laughing.  That time usually happens when i am in a creative and good mood or else i just scream and play tough.

I would probably sing to my husband next time we have a miscommunication 🙂

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