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Life Purpose

What is your purpose in life?.. this is one of the questions i asked my youths friends when i have sharing knowledge with them. Asking this same questions over and over again makes me want to know what my purpose is. Is this what i want? stability and financially secure, climbing to the highest ladder in career, my children under the daycare or maid’s supervision, create more program, do marketing so that i will be more experience but less time i will have for myself and my family.. well i ask this what i really want? Yes! For so many reasons but there is also no, thank you.

I come from a middle income family, i sees my parents work hard to give us whatever they can but i remember when my mum working, me and other siblings have to be at home on our own, we wish our mother was there with us… i wish she was with us 24 hours but we understand her necessity to work. I saw struggle in getting income and that is one of the reason i feel i need to work and work and work. That was what i really want!..more money! I don’t say i stop wanting money..i love money.. but it becoming second choice, probably my children are still young and need special attention from they become my priority.. and as they grow to be a teenager i will need to be more with them.


Learn to strike a balance, as for now i need to love what i am doing and then when the time come i will and must do what i love. I will be doing what my heart desire, the love of teaching and sharing knowledge to children and youths.. that time will come.  Its time for me to plan and act on that time to come true.


Working mom

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