When we were younger, we stick with our young friends.. same age with us but when we start working.. we learn to be with different ages of group. As far as I love being with those same age with me, I enjoy talking with those in their 50s, ladies in this age group are more matured and full of experience. They are like my ‘future preferences’.. when I encounter something that is new.. they are those I will refer first.

But if you want to learn about life, be with this groups :


Six Years and below

Be with children ages six and below.. have fun with them. You will learn about fun, joy and forgiving. They life in their imagination.. they can be anyone or whatever they like when they play and look at them when they fight at each other, sooner or later they will come back again and play. Even when I scolded with my 6 years old daughter, she will come to me act like nothing happened and if its her mistake she will eventually say sorry. For us, adults saying sorry can be difficult and take years depending on how terrible the mistakes was.


Sixty years and above

Well if you want to know about regrets, achievements and everything what you need in the future.. just listen to their thoughts. You will understand what regrets and achievement means to them.. and what they happy about and what they blame. They will be gladness, happiness and probably sadness and sorrow… just get ready. But that’s life they’ve been through for years.