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People with Attitude

Dealing with people can be stressful especially difficult people..those with attitude problems. You have no choice, somehow you need to deal with them. We can’t change them can’t we? ..but we can change the way we think about them.. that way we can deal with these people easily. What kind of difficult people have you encountered? I found it difficult to deal with arrogant, bad tempered and ‘don’t know anything’ attitude.

Arrogant people feel they are superior.. even they are not.. full of ego. Bad tempered.. easily get irritated.. and dealing with them you need to learn to control your voice. The person with ‘don’t know anything’ attitude get into my nerves easily… when you ask something.. they will straight answer you ‘ I don’t know’ without even want to find out.. and if you give them second chance hoping that you will get some answer you will still get ‘I don’t know’.

You will get probably 1 person with attitude problems out of 10 people..almost every where. And who knows to others we are one of those who they feel difficult to deal with. 🙂

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